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Managing mining and industrial waste/secondary streams present many financial and environmental challenges.  Landfill diversion and creating value from the waste streams are key goals of most companies that strive for sustainability excellence.  At GMT we evaluate the waste streams by implementing the triple R approach…Recover, Recycle, Reuse.  

Waste streams vary in composition from organics such as polymers and cellulose to  inorganic materials such as minerals and metals.  Many waste streams are exothermic which incorporate energy as a potential product.  We analyze and research all aspects of the waste stream to meet and understand corporate goals. 

GMT provides many solutions to our clients by;

(1) characterizing the waste stream,

(2) identifying valuable waste stream components and

(3) designing systems that maximize the waste stream value.

Ginn Mineral has always been focused on promoting environmentally sustainable methods, and has been dedicated to recycling minerals whenever possible.