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We offer the following products for purchase:

  PYROTEX MK (meta-kaolin)                  PYROTEX HB (calcined kaolin)


PYROTEX MK™  is a meta-kaolin designed for applications in the concrete and cement industry as a pozzolonic additive.  PYROTEX MK™  significantly improves compressive and flexural strengths, enhances concrete durability, and reduces or eliminates efflorescence and ASR.  It also greatly reduces permeability in a concrete mix. Using pozzolans such as PYROTEX MK™ can lengthen the life of structures that demand high performance. PYROTEX products can also be used in the pulp and paper, construction, and paint and plastics industries. PYROTEX is used in groundwood papers / newsprint and board pre-coats to improve brightness and opacity and control ink strike-through.  Unlike many by-product pozzolans, PYROTEX MK’s™ high reactivity, quality and color are always consistent and the specifications can be firmly controlled.

Pyrotex HB™  is a high brightness and structured calcined clay pigment. It is designed to provide optimum light scattering and opacifying properties to a range of product applications.   The kaolin particles are thermally structured imparting the pore size, structure and distribution needed for optimum light scatter.  Due to the high brightness and purity, Pyrotex HB™ has many applications.  In the paper industry it is used as a filler and pigment for opacity and brightness.  It is also used as an extender and additive in the paint, plastics, and other industries. 


Mineral engineering is the science of mineral mining. We understand that minerals have important industrial uses and must be removed from the Earth in a safe and sustainable manner. Our expertise in mineral processing and mineral exploration is based on sound knowledge of the mineral composition from a geological perspective. We focus on industrial minerals and have experience with a range of minerals and metals including the following:

Industrial Minerals

Kaolin Clays (Hydrous and Calcined), Halloysite, Calcium Carbonates, Limestone / Dolomite, Zeolites, Silica Sand, Bauxite, Titanium Minerals, Gypsum / Anhydrite, Mica, Talc, Expanding Clays (Smectities / Attapulgite), magnetite

Base Metals

Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum

Rare Metals              

Niobium, Tantalum, Indium, Tungsten

Rare Earth Minerals & Oxides

Neodymium, Dysprosium, Praseodymium, Samarium

Waste Streams including Mineral & Metal Recovery

Pulp and Paper, Rare Earth Metals, Rare Metals, Industrial Facilities, Carpet