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Mineral Processing

Mineral processing is the process of separating valuable minerals from their ores. Ginn Mineral specializes in many forms of mineral processing as well as separation technologies including magnetic separation – which is the process of extracting magnetically susceptible material from ores – as well as comminution which is particle-sized reduction of materials. Filtration technology is used to separate solids from fluids, and Ginn Mineral employs a variety of these filtration technologies 

Separation Technology

  •    Magnetic Separation (Super-Conducting)
  •    Gravity Separation
  •    Centrifuge / Classification
  •    Flotation
  •    Selective Separation / Flocculation
  •    Dry and Wet Grinding / Liberation
  •    Ball Milling

Filtration Technology / Dewatering Technology /Clarification

  •   Vacuum Filtration
  •    Pressure Filtration
  •    Capillary Filtration
  •    Thickeners and Clarifiers

Thermal Mineral Processing Technology

  •    Indirect / Direct Rotary Calcination and Drying
  •    Static Calcination
  •    Flash Calcination
  •    Incineration
  •    Spray Drying

Toll Processing and Formulations