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Toll Processing and Manufacturing

Ginn Mineral excels in a variety of processing methods and also provides complete product manufacturing. Thermal processing, toll processing, and toll manufacturing are all common processes executed on the pilot and production scale equipment at Ginn Mineral.

GMT offers a range of processing / product development services as well as complete product manufacturing.  Our pilot and production scale equipment is designed for flexibility and can function as complete systems for customizing any project. 

Systems include separation technology, brightness enhancement, impurity removal, particle sizing, mineral concentration, thermal processing, etc. Dry milling is the comminution (particle-sized reduction of materials) without the presence of a liquid, either by rods, balls, or pebbles or autogenuously by the material itself.

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Pilot Plant Scale

Processing defined as pounds per day up to a ton per day.

Dry Processing

Drying-Rotary / Spray Drying

Crushing-Vibratory / Jaw / Impact

Pulverizing-Hammer Mill , Fixed Impeller Mill

Dry Milling-Ball Mill / Rod Mill

Screening-Range of Mesh Sizes

Classification-Air  Classifiers

Calcining -Muffle, Direct Rotary, Indirect Rotary


Wet Processing

Blunging-Range of Sizes & Horsepower

Screening-Range of Mesh Sizes

Wet Grinding / Liberation

Classification-Sharples / International

Flotation-Various Sizes of Denver Cells

Select Separation & Select Flocculation

Magnetic Separation -Super Conducting

Filtration-Vacuum / Capillary

Drying-Spray Dryer / Indirect Muffle

Production Scale

Processing defined as tons per day up to tons per hour.

Dry Processing

Drying - Direct Rotary: (3' X 30') / (12' X 55'),
Indirect Rotary: (7' X 60')
Spray Dryer
Crushing - Vibratory / Jaw / Impact
Pulverizing - Hammer Mill (Various Sizes)
Dry Milling - Ball Mill (6' X 12')
Screening - Range of Mesh Sizes
Classification - Air  Classifiers
Calcining - Direct Rotary: (3' X 30')  / (12' X 55'), Indirect Rotary: (7' X 60')

Wet Processing

Blunging - Range of Sizes & Horsepower
Screening - Range of Mesh Sizes
Wet Grinding / Liberation
Classification - Sharples / International
Flotation - Various Sizes of  Cells
Select Separation & Select Flocculation
Magnetic Separation - Conventional / Super Conducting
Filtration - Rotary Vacuum

Product Forms for Shipping

Small Bags
Bulk Bags / Super Sacks