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Our mission is to provide a broad range of skills and knowledge for comprehensive material, mineral, metal and waste stream evaluations and feasibility studies.  This unique scope of services and knowledge creates global value to our clients and customers.  Creating competitive advantages and reaching goals and objectives of our clients are key elements of our mission.


We focus on green innovation and can help you create ‘closed loop’ product life cycles by offering a unique solution set that answers challenges, while reducing the impact on the environment.  Exothermic waste streams including carpet and industrial waste tailings are also areas of interest.  With these areas of focus, our mineral and technology expertise includes mineral exploration including drilling, mining, process and product development, and commercial applications for minerals.


We look at the big picture of a project; from concept to end product and everything between, including economics. Adding market value to your products and reducing in-house costs are key operating platforms driving our innovative solutions. We begin with the in-ground resources and finish with profitable commercial products. Our range of technical skills combined with our state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment designs will provide solutions to many of your strategic goals.