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Our Company

Our Company is a private research and development enterprise that combines confidential mineral and metal exploration, research, development and project management with years of experience and expertise.  The company was established in 1994 by Michael Ginn after a 20 year career within the minerals exploration and processing industry.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide a broad range of skills and knowledge for comprehensive material, mineral, metal and waste stream evaluations and feasibility studies.  This unique scope of services and knowledge creates global value to our clients and customers.  Creating competitive advantages and reaching goals and objectives of our clients are key elements of our mission.

Our Focus

Our focus is on global industrial mineral resources and innovative mineral, metal, and recycling technology.  Exothermic waste streams including carpet and industrial waste tailings are also areas of interest.  With these areas of focus, our mineral and technology expertise includes mineral exploration including drilling, mining, process and product development, and commercial applications for minerals.

Adding market value to your products and reducing in-house costs are key operating platforms driving our innovative solutions.  We begin with the in-ground resources and finish with profitable commercial products. .  Our range of technical skills combined with our state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment designs will provide solutions to many of your strategic goals.


Our staff has experience and academic backgrounds in geology, mining, mineral/process engineering, chemistry, material science, project management, and manufacturing, including environmental issues.

Michael Ginn, Founder and President
John Mason, Vice President, Operations
Laura Mason, Vice President, Business Development & Administration
Whitney Jones, Laboratory Manager and Sr. Chemist
Courtney Steele, Geologist
Brian Tomkins, Geologist

Ginn Mineral Technology Founder and President Michael Ginn is a widely recognized professional and expert in the area of industrial minerals.  He is also recognized as a global leader in the processing of exothermic waste streams for energy and mineral recovery and for creating value from the recycled minerals.

After receiving a BS in Geology and MSs in Material Science and Engineering and Mineral Engineering in 1980, Michael joined Nord Kaolin Company as Assistant Manager of Mining, Exploration and Research.  In 1985, he joined ECC International Americas where he held a number of positions in research, process and product development and management.  In 1995, Michael formed Ginn Mineral Technology.  In 1998, he created the Ginn Technology Group that is a collection of private mineral technology, energy, and environmental companies.  The focus of the group is innovative earth technology.   Areas of research & development and commercialization of mineral resources include mineral exploration, mining, processing and product development, and global product distribution.  Environmental and sustainability initiatives include the processing of exothermic waste streams for energy and mineral recovery.   The Earth Circle Technologies Group (ECT) , part of the Ginn Technology Group, is the first in the world to develop technology that “closes the loop” in paper and carpet recycling.  Michael has numerous patents and intellectual property in the fields of super-conducting magnetic separation, exothermic waste streams, thermal processing of minerals, capillary filtration, mineral separation / concentration as well as other areas.

Michael is a native of Georgia and resides in his hometown, Sandersville, Georgia.  The Ginn Mineral Technology Research Center and Pilot Plant are located in Sandersville.  He is associated with numerous professional societies ranging from mining and minerals, pulp and paper, carpet, and recycling.  He has held many leadership positions with professional groups including Chairman of the Georgia section of SME.  He is a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  In 2011, Michael was inducted into the “Academy of Distinguished Alumni” at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Georgia Mining Association                                                                                           American WaterWorks Associations
Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration                                                         Water Environment and Reuse Foundation
Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering                                     Georgia Association of Water Professionals
Georgia Tech Alumni Association
Washington County Chamber of Commerce

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