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Research and Development

Research and development are fundamental phases for most mineral and metal projects.  Whether you are meeting performance goals for your customers or implementing in-house cost cutting measures, understanding the minerals and their proper commercial applications are crucial.  A well-defined research and development program provides the best information for a well-executed project.

The GMT facility supports many clients with basic and applied research projects.  Our experienced staff, analytical equipment and complete range of processing equipment allows for the successful research and development of our clients’ goals.

Drilling and Land Exploration

Mineral Resources, a division of the Ginn Technology Group, is your innovative resource for drilling and land exploration and mining. Our services include the exploration, drilling and testing of valuable fall-line minerals such as kaolin clay, silica sand, heavy mineral sands, bauxite, limestone, mineral waste sites, and other subterranean materials. Mineral Resources has provided clients accurate and money saving exploration and testing innovations for many years.

Land Management

Mineral resources and reserves are valuable natural resources to many land owners who are fortunate to own land and mineral rights. GMT is an independent group that can manage and enhance the value of the land and minerals. GMT has over 25 years of experience supporting and providing landowners with mineral sales, leasing, mining, and conservation options. GMT’s testing and evaluation services integrated with Mineral Resources’ drilling and exploration services offer a unique combination of valuable assistance to the landowner with long-term strategic decisions.

Mining and Mineral Development

Mineral Resources offers options for mine development as well as crude clay sales. Mine development and mineral extraction requires a range of activities / expertise including exploration and mine-prep drilling, crude quality testing and control, mine design, EPD permitting, and physical mining and hauling. Mineral Resources has experience and knowledge regarding all of these activities and services.

Testing and Evaluation

Our laboratory is designed to provide the fundamental testing and analysis of minerals including fillers and pigments.  Key processing and product development measures allow for complete in-house project development.  Mineral characterization, drill core testing, and final product application testing are all typical laboratory protocols.  Our experienced staff of professionals understands the importance and accuracy of these tests and testing methods. A general scope of our testing and evaluation systems includes the following:

X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Viscosity, Zeta Potential, Chapelle Test, X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF), Abrasion, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Particle Size and Distribution, pH, EDAX, Brightness and Color (L, a, b values), Conductivity and Loss on Ignition (LOI).

Mineral and Metal Processing

Mineral processing is the process of separating valuable minerals from their ores. Our expertise in mineral processing is based on sound knowledge of the mineral composition from a geological perspective.  Ginn Mineral specializes in many forms of mineral processing as well as separation technologies such as magnetic separation, classification , and filtration technologies including:

Separation Technology Filtration Technology / Dewatering Technology /Clarification
Thermal Mineral Processing / Static Calcination
Indirect / Direct Rotary Calcination and Drying Technology
Magnetic Separation including Super-Conducting
Vacuum Filtration / Capillary Filtration
Gravity Separation
Centrifuge / Classification
Thickeners and Clarifiers
Spray Drying
Selective Separation / Flocculation
Toll Processing and Formulations
Dry and Wet Grinding / Liberation
Ball Milling

Process Engineering and Design

We have the expertise to determine the best solutions to develop state of the art systems to maximize your process and create the best products.

Extracting Value from Waste Streams

Managing mining and industrial waste/secondary streams present many financial and environmental challenges.  Landfill diversion and creating value from the waste streams are key goals of most companies that strive for sustainability excellence.  At GMT we evaluate the waste streams by implementing the triple R approach…Recover, Recycle, Reuse.

Waste streams vary in composition from organics such as polymers and cellulose to  inorganic materials such as minerals and metals.  Many waste streams are exothermic which incorporate energy as a potential product.  We analyze and research all aspects of the waste stream to meet and understand corporate goals.

GMT provides many solutions to our clients by:

(1) characterizing the waste stream, (2) identifying valuable waste stream components and (3) designing systems that maximize the value.

We have always been focused on promoting environmentally sustainable methods, and are dedicated to recycling minerals whenever possible.

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