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Mineral Exploration, Drilling, and Core Testing Services

Mineral Resources is your innovative resource for mineral prospecting, drilling, land exploration and land management. Our services include the exploration, drilling and testing of valuable fall-line minerals such as kaolin clay, silica sand, heavy mineral sands, bauxite, limestone, mineral waste sites, and other subterranean materials. We provide clients accurate and money saving exploration and testing innovations and modern approaches to geolocation and mapping services using integrated geographical and analytical software.

Our equipment includes a rotary mud rig system specifically for clay (traditional system) as well as a more robust advanced system “sonic rotary drilling system” for clays, sands, and bauxites.  We also offer macro-coring, which is ideal for minimal depth and sand coring. Our services include exploratory drilling, close-center mineral reserve identification exploration, as well as mining preparation drilling and testing.

Mineral Resources offers a variety of drilling equipment to meet your needs including: 1.5”, 3”, and 4” cores.

Core Testing is available and rapid results can be received within 4 days of drilling, if needed. For kaolin / bauxite or similar cores, typical testing includes pH, +325 residue, brightness and color values, particle size. For sands, typical testing includes % of clay, Ro-tap with 5 sieves for particle size, angularity / roundness, and LOI as needed.

Core preparation only is also available.

Rotary Mud & Air Drilling / Rotary Sonic Drilling / Macro-coring